Michael Graney-Mulholland, we call her MGM for short is a remarkable woman. She decided to celebrate her 70th birthday by hiking seventy miles in seven days through Point Reyes. Our client wanted to document the preparation and completion of her journey while celebrating her milestone and indomitable spirit. The challenge Mr. Smith Studios was how attain beautiful image capture under circumstances that required maximum portability with minimum power requirements.


Mr. Smith Studios’ approach was to show the grand scale and scope of the publication while featuring as many of the authors as possible within a one minute clip. We used some of the out-takes at the beginning of the video to humanize our subjects while ramping speed of the edits and on screen graphics. The video made what could have been a dry display of information and facts into something that truly embodied the client’s value of service learning by being of service to the community.


The ending video was very well received by the client, the subjects and the academic community as a whole. The Scholarly Works publication, with the aid of our video moved more units than ever before while cultivating an image of diversity and academic rigor while being fun.